Our approach

Financial advice is collaborative and centres around you

Partnering with you to deliver strategic personal wealth management solutions with Clarity

The first step is that we get to know each other

This helps us to learn about you and your drivers; and importantly, it helps you to learn more about us, our advice process, and whether you feel comfortable engaging further with us.  

Everything you share with us will be treated confidentially, and you can find our privacy statement here

Then we develop tailored advice services for you

Our initial and ongoing advice process is built on our key pillars and has been designed with the following in mind:

Client Driven
You decide on in person meetings at our office, or secure virtual meetings at a time that suits you. You’re always in control as the advice process should serve you and be flexible to your needs. So, let us worry about the details.

System Driven
We invest in technology to optimise our advice process, increase transparency, and shorten time frames to provide you with a better experience, and ultimately, more competitive costs.

Our tailored advice will be relatable as we don’t want to add complexity for no reason. Importantly, our fees are always represented clearly and reviewed openly with you on an annual basis.

We think collaboration with you improves the advice experience through diversity of perspectives, improved communication, enhanced problem solving, which all support better decision making.

See here for more about our professional services

Obligation free consultation

We are proud to offer you an initial consultation that is obligation free and at no cost. Simply contact us to book this in.

Advice backed by empirical research

Our investment philosophy avoids investment speculation and trying to outguess markets.  Instead, we adopt a disciplined approach to investing that is grounded in economic theory and backed by empirical research.  

Our clients always own and control any investments we recommend as part of their bespoke strategy.

A professional service

Alchemy Wealth Partners operates as a professional services firm that serves you, and so any fee we receive is solely from the personal financial advice we provide.  

Proudly, we meet the criteria of being an independent financial advice business.

We do not accept commissions of any type, and we do not have any in-house investment products to sell to you.  We conduct ourselves with your best interests in mind and are aligned with you. You may find more details of this here

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